Introducing the SiteStudio Platform

SiteStudio is an Application Platform as a Service (APaaS).

SiteStudio enables you to rapidly create and manage systems for collecting, managing and reporting on data across your business.

SiteStudio is a low-code platform. A minimum level of technical knowledge will get you a long way.

SiteStudio has been designed to scale and adapt for an ever increasing range of business challenges, regardless of size or complexity.

SiteStudio was designed around guiding principles that evolved during many years of working inside numerous fast moving and commercially complex mining construction projects.

These guiding principles are described in SiteStudio Platform Design Principles.

Implement SiteStudio today

Use the following steps as a guide to get SiteStudio working for your business:

First, create your SiteStudio system

Create a SiteStudio system to better manage your data.

Next, design your system for data input

Design and implement data collection for your system.

Then, add Workflow to your system

Create Workflows by configuring notifications in your system.

After Workflow, add Reports

Configure and run reports to get the decision making information you need from your system.

Explore Further

Once your SiteStudio system has started to prove it's value, here are more areas to explore to improve your outcomes:

Mobile Devices

Use your SiteStudio system from Android and iOS devices.

Offline Mobile Devices

Use your SiteStudio system without a data connection.

Keep your data accurate

Keep data accurate by catching and fixing errors.

Reuse Capabilities across Sites

Reuse or adapt previously created capability for use on different sites in your business.

Master Data Management

Reuse standard data across your systems via the Master Data Management capability.

Note: The Online Manual contains an organised arrangement of topics describing how to use all aspects of the SiteStudio Platform.