Introduction to Reports

There are three basic report types that you might generate from SiteStudio:

1. Microsoft Access (output as a PDF)

2. Microsoft Excel

3. Online report designer (output as a PDF)


Microsoft Access

The world’s favourite reporting tool, Microsoft Access can be used to create reports for SiteStudio.

In SiteStudio you can export the current database structure as well as some data to a Microsoft Access file (mdb format) that you can work with locally on your PC. You can create reports to be run and then upload this Microsoft Access file to the server where the report details are imported into your SiteStudio system.

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is a favourite tool for reporting data into. Many times your client will then import data from the filled out spreadsheet into their own systems. In SiteStudio you can do many things to help automate reporting to the Excel format.

Online Report Designer

An online report design capability is also present in SiteStudio. Please inquire if this is your need.